Thursday 15 September 2016


It seems like the year of “Twenties” is the hardest to live, psychologically. I am 22 and even I feel the same. Who else not feel the same being in this age group? It is at this stage of life that we have to struggle with our present to make the future best, we have to live our dreams so that we never feel regret in future. It is at this age of twenties that one may fall in true love or find the special person in lyf. For the sake of one’s love , we are ready to cross any border. What to do, the age of twenties is like  this, we are full of enthusiasm.
I have been a huge fan of Chetan Bhagat and remember a line written in of his novels that we Indians love the word “settle”. Yes I do agree with it n of course, why only we Indians in fact most of us love this word. For different people, only its meaning varies. When a youth in the age of twenties been asked what he or she mean by the word “settle” the answer probably would be to settle in life means to have a good job with 4-5 lakhs p.a and enjoying life to its fullest. Yes of course, even I too want this being a youth.  Now, ask your mom or aunt or any other family member what they mean by the word “settle”?

The answer would probably be lyk “bs beti ki shadi ache se ho jae wo khushi-2 sasural rhea ar bête ki achi naukari ho jae bs phr lyf m sb shi hai”.:P..:P

 Yup, as you enters in the age of twenties, your parents, would mean settling in life means to see you getting married and having kids. No matter if you are doing a job, until and unless yor are not married, you are not settled in life n this is mostly with the girls. This depicts the picture of a true India where if a girl is in a job n unmarried, it means she needs to settle in life coz she is in her age of twenties.

Does it really worth it?

Somewhere between struggling with our present to make life better ahead, in the age of twenties we realize our responsibilities, a new vision to see life , we forget to live.

The age of twenties is really hard, isn’t it??

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