Thursday 15 September 2016


It seems like the year of “Twenties” is the hardest to live, psychologically. I am 22 and even I feel the same. Who else not feel the same being in this age group? It is at this stage of life that we have to struggle with our present to make the future best, we have to live our dreams so that we never feel regret in future. It is at this age of twenties that one may fall in true love or find the special person in lyf. For the sake of one’s love , we are ready to cross any border. What to do, the age of twenties is like  this, we are full of enthusiasm.
I have been a huge fan of Chetan Bhagat and remember a line written in of his novels that we Indians love the word “settle”. Yes I do agree with it n of course, why only we Indians in fact most of us love this word. For different people, only its meaning varies. When a youth in the age of twenties been asked what he or she mean by the word “settle” the answer probably would be to settle in life means to have a good job with 4-5 lakhs p.a and enjoying life to its fullest. Yes of course, even I too want this being a youth.  Now, ask your mom or aunt or any other family member what they mean by the word “settle”?

The answer would probably be lyk “bs beti ki shadi ache se ho jae wo khushi-2 sasural rhea ar bĂȘte ki achi naukari ho jae bs phr lyf m sb shi hai”.:P..:P

 Yup, as you enters in the age of twenties, your parents, would mean settling in life means to see you getting married and having kids. No matter if you are doing a job, until and unless yor are not married, you are not settled in life n this is mostly with the girls. This depicts the picture of a true India where if a girl is in a job n unmarried, it means she needs to settle in life coz she is in her age of twenties.

Does it really worth it?

Somewhere between struggling with our present to make life better ahead, in the age of twenties we realize our responsibilities, a new vision to see life , we forget to live.

The age of twenties is really hard, isn’t it??

Saturday 16 April 2016


When I say someone is mine or something is mine, it comes with a “forever” clause. In almost everyone’s life , some people are meant to be forever. And this forever would be possible with the eternity, those who are going to be eternal in our lives irrespective of how bad or good the condition is.

But the question is “Do These Forever Exist”?

Nothing lasts forever in life and so does the people. It’s a natural phenomenon that someone who has come has to go also. Nothing is eternal except the nature. So how does one expect that someone is going to be forever in your life, that he or she is always going to be with you??

Letting go someone from our life is a natural decision rather than our own decision. The common belief is that if someone goes away from ur life, let them go, if he or she come back, it means they were meant for you “forever” and if not , let it be. Cz sometimes, life is all about making the right decisions at the right time. May be that one was not meant for you, he or she was yours but you were not them. Sometimes letting go someone would teach you the best decisions wid best experiences in life. It gives you the lesson –“forever don’t exits”!!
But what about your promises??
What about the person whom you gave much importance and lastly of all, what about the “forever mine” clause?
If You say someone is mine forever, why won’t you let go that person. Why won’t you just stick to your decision of” forever mine” and be with them always. Cz life is short, so be with someone who you want to be. Yeah, I do agree nothing lasts forever, but that doesn’t mean to let go the special ones from your life if they want to. Why don’t you try so that they can stay in your life forever. Try at least once, so that u won’t regret latter. I agree that there is nothing like the word “forever” not even we humans on this earth. But one thing that is going to be last forever in your heart are the memories, the good times that you spend. So the memories are going to be last forever in your heart.!!
All I could is that “forevers exists or don’t exists “ totally depends on you. If you want to make something or someone forever in your life, don’t let go them easily so try . If not, just let them go coz they were never meant for you forever if they don’t came back. But don’t ever regret on your decision of giving so much importance to someone coz love can never be wrong , it’s the person who don’t understand your love for them.
Dear readers, do these “forevers “ exists in your life ?? If yes, do let them know and be wid them. If “forever types”don’t exists, be happy then coz nothing is meant to be forever in life!!

Friday 8 January 2016

Dating a lawyer !!

This time lets talk about "love life and dating". Yeah, life is incomplete without these.  While most of us thinks lawyers are the "liers" and definately not the right choice for dating, but there's another more positive way to look at it.

Here are some of the nice reasons which proves  that dating a lawyer can indeed be an awesome idea .

1. Lawyers have the whole world scared of them.

Yeah,the whole world is scared of Lawyer, for lawyers know the reason how to use the law and prosecute someone for that in any situation.

   Isn't it the coolest reason to date a lawyer??

2 .Lawyers possess an incredible dressing sense.
   Dear friends, you can't find super hot looking personalities dressed in black coats and pants.    Seriously, thanks to the law schools and profession, lawyers have an incredible dressing sense.You would never see them in  t-shirts or jeans on a date.Their style of dressing is the perfect mixture of class and they look hot and sexy.

3. Lawyers can not be rejected by your parents if you tell them you wanna marry a lawyer.
  There's no reason why your parents won't allow you marrying a lawyer,certainly approve your choice. They know in the twisted world of today, lawyers can handle it well

 4 .Date a lawyer and stay away from any legal issue
  Thats so cool of dating a lawyer.  You won't have to pay for any legal issues for lawyers have all the solutions for you.

  Isn't it a good deal of dating a lawyer.??

5. Good lawyers have a great social circle, get ready to be a part of it.
    If you are dating a good lawyer, chances are for you to attend a huge social circles including elite    parties,open bars, you'll get intracted to some great judges and other personalities.

  Don't you want to be a part of such high class parties.??

6. Lawyers are good at arguing and a good negotiators, it won't be a problem for them to convence your parents for your hand.

 If someone would ask me about the best reason of dating a lawyer, it would because of this reason.

7.You would never get bored in your free time, if you are dating a lawyer
 Everybody knows that lawyers have a great argument power, great sense of humor . They love arguments and can discuss with you for an hour on any topic you want to discuss. Take a lawyer on a date, and you'll learn about the whole world in just an hour.

8.They have a sharp memory, and that's why they remember your b'day, even your friend's birthday too.

Seriously, they have a sharp memory as of their advocacy skills. You can't beat them in remembering anyone's birthday. Even they can remind of you your sisters , friends b'day too.

9. Lawyers are good mind readers too.

If yor are feeling low and in a bad mood, don't worry lawyer can read your face.They are pretty  good mind readers for the reason of their profession. Hence, they prove you that they are caring  and understanding too.

10. They are good listeners too, so they would understand your point of view.   
  Apart from good arguing power, they are very good listeners too. Remember, to be a good speaker ,you have to be a good listener.No matter how much argue they do in their professional life, when it comes to their personal life, they would listen to your point of view attentively.

11. No other guy will flirt with you, if  they know you are dating a lawyer.

Hahahaha, truly noone would dare to flirt with you or trouble yoy, if they know you are dating a lawyer. After all, no one want to get inside the jail.

  That's the biggest reason of dating a lawyer. If you are dating a lawyer, be proud of it and say:

        "Stay away, I am dating a Lawyer"!!

Saturday 2 January 2016

Happy New Year...!!!

She just wanted to give her children  the best new year than the previous year. She planned of buying some sweets and  a new dress for her daughter. Where the world was planning for the new year eve in  the way of throwing huge parties, enjoying to the fulliest and by eating the food that she would not have even heard of. She was happy in her own way of happiness. Because happiness is always a happiness, no matter how big or small it is. And when it comes to giving happiness to others,it is of no cost. All you want a big smile on the face of that person. In order to turn her plan into reality, she worked in the house of her neighbours, cleaning their utensils in the hope of making some earning. After all, money was the only option that could help converting her fantasy into reality. For these poor people-(who spend their nights on the footpaths)wearing a new dress, eating at MC Donalds, restaurants are just the fairy tales , that they only have heard of  but never have seen it.

By her earning , she was able to keep her promise of buying some sweets and a new dress for her children. Where we dreamt of high levels of enjoyment , her family was happy in just some sweets and few clothes. That's the irony of life!! She was happy to saw the sweet smile of her children and this new year, she fulfills her promise made to herself of putting a smile on her children's face.

Dear readers, just want to say that this new year, don't make any resolutions. Just bring happiness in the life of those people who couldn't even dreamt of eating in normal hotels, spend their nights on the dirty foothpaths and to all those who are not even able of earning their two times meals.Put a smile on their face, you would be happy to see them and that would  be the best new year for you.

Happy New Year to all of you!!!

Monday 28 December 2015

Some lessons we learnt from the Year 2015

New Year is about to come.So its time to just look back for a once and emphasis on the lesson that this year taught us. Here are some of the lessons we  can learn from the year 2015-

1.  Life doesn't give a  second chance to everyone,  but Arvind kejriwal got that.

     The year 2015 was a lucky year for "Arvind kejriwal". BY his hard works, the AAP leader became  the chief minister of Delhi.His story is a great example of how people who deserve a second chance, get one. No matter how  hard the paths be.

    2.  Its your life and your choice.
   This year the famous Deepika Padukone's video "my choice" was a great example  of how     intelligent the  audience on social media is.The video , that spoke about women empowerment  was far  from it and it was criticized  because the audience didn't buy the message blindly.Remember, its your life and your choice to do what you want  and want you don't  . Everyone have their own choices. Just because this video featured a bollywood  superstar, doesn't mean you would follow it blindly.

3. Taxis are just a  click  away from us- the great use of technology

Gone are the days when we have to wait for some auto rickshaw or taxis. This year give us the technology to use the Uber and olla cabs . Thanks to them, we reach home  on time by just one click

4. 2015- The year of banning.

 Yeah,we live in a country where we are not even  free of our eating choices. This year we all heard about the famous  beef ban, maggi ban, meat ban .It questioned our eating choices and took away our favourite items from the market. It hurted alot of people when "hamari maggi" was banned. So this year  we saw all the twists and turns and I guess the year 2015 should be named as the "year of banning"

5. Think before you speak something in India ( specially when you are a superstar)

Recently the news channels covers the headlines - Intolerance debate. The statement which the famous Actor Aamir khan gave to the media became a national topic in just few minutes. SRK , Aamir were criticized for what they had said. Remember, If you utter a single word without thinking, even the stardom is not going to help you anyway.

6. If you have the passion, nothing can stop you from winning.

   Sundar Pichoi steals this year and makes it his own  by becoming the CEO of Google- the first Indian CEO. His life story became an inspiration to hundreds of people. No matter what your background is, from where you belong to , if you have the determination and passion , you can win the race. Remember "mehnat krne walo ki kbhi har nhi hoti"

 7. In India- rape a girl and proof yourself a minor
No one of us has forgotten the Delhi gang rape case. The rapists were prosecuted for what they did and one of them being a minor was released after 3 years spent in rehabilitation centre. The government gave him "sewing machine+Rs 10,000" in hope of his rehabilitation .Such an "incredible India". On one hand, you  talk about women empowerment, their safety,strict laws and the other side you release a rapist  because he is a minor. Shame on the Indian judiciary system. Such a shameful year 2015 . I have just one sentence for the Indian Government " if you can't make it, just leave it, because its not everyone's cup of tea". We girls can make us safe your stupid laws are not needed at all. Try to make the strict rape laws and implement it.

8. The nature is warning us to take actions regarding climate.

   In Chennai, heavy flood, rain destroys thousand of people . many became homeless, some lost their loved ones and a huge panic appeared in the minds of people. Another one was the incident of Nepal Earthquake. This year the nature was in its mood to destroy. It gives us a lesson that its the serious time when everyone of us hold hand together and make steps for the prevention  of  global warming and betterment of nature and economy.

9. Silence for those who thinks  Indian law is equal for all .
  Yes the famous Salman khan verdict proves it that in India "Your Money Your Rule"The Judiciary says that Salman was not found guilty because there were not "enough evidences". Such a shameful decision where one is set free of all charges because of his stardom and the so called not enough evidences found. this decision in 2015 proves you that "money can buy the judiciary"

So these topics are  enough to remind you what we have lost and gained in the year 2015. Lets promise that we would welcome the next year in a new way and would try to make it  better than 2015.

Thursday 24 December 2015

Merry Christmas

MERRY CHRISTMAS  To all the followers of my blog!!! I wish this year Santa will bring a lot of happiness, prosperity and gifts for you .Hope all of you have a great christmas and try to make others christmas great also.This will give you more happiness and Santa would be happy by seeing that humanity still  exists in our planet.

Here again wishing everyone "MERRY CHRISTMAS"

Friday 4 December 2015

Marks: Does It Really Matters?

We all have crossed  that phase in life where we considered  the most important things in life were to achieve the highest marks.Yes, you are getting me right.This time, I am talking about our school life.That time of life which is considered to be the most memorable moments one can have in life.
At the school times, almost everyone of us used to fight with our friends just for the silly marks.Even the besties fought among themselves for obtaining the highest marks.Everyone did hard work just for being the topper of the class.That was the time when we only run towards marks.

I think marks will give you happiness for sure, but only for a few moment.The moment when you judge yourself how much knowledge you have or if someone from your family. relatives. friends asks you something about any topic,that time your marks are not going to help you at all.Its your knowlegde ,your experience and your communication skills that matters a lot and would help you  in satisfying others for the question they have asked you.

Dear friends, this time I am writing in short for the reason that i know you all are quite intelligent to understand what is more important in life-marks or knowledge??yes. I do agree obtain good marks but firstly obtain the knowledge ,If you have knowledge about your subjects, no one can beat you not even that silly marks.Remember someone has rightly said-
"A single sheet of paper can't decide your future"

Likewise, marks are an illusion ,no one is going to give you the best jobs in Mncs on the basis of your 12th boards marls. or the marks secured in your graduation until and unless you don't have the knowledge, communication and the convencing power.

 Take life easy make it knowledgeable and passionate.Life is not about the silly marks but  is more than that.Bunk few classes, spend your time with friends in college canteens, study hard and get knowledge.This time will never come in life.So enjoy to the fullest and don't don't go behind that "silly marks".Be passionate, Be a learner and not a book worm!!

Hope this blog of mine would help some of your friends who think marks are most important than anything else.Only one sentence for you people:

"Marks can be obtained by any means(the smart ones would understand what i mean to say)but knowledge can't be"!!