Saturday 16 April 2016


When I say someone is mine or something is mine, it comes with a “forever” clause. In almost everyone’s life , some people are meant to be forever. And this forever would be possible with the eternity, those who are going to be eternal in our lives irrespective of how bad or good the condition is.

But the question is “Do These Forever Exist”?

Nothing lasts forever in life and so does the people. It’s a natural phenomenon that someone who has come has to go also. Nothing is eternal except the nature. So how does one expect that someone is going to be forever in your life, that he or she is always going to be with you??

Letting go someone from our life is a natural decision rather than our own decision. The common belief is that if someone goes away from ur life, let them go, if he or she come back, it means they were meant for you “forever” and if not , let it be. Cz sometimes, life is all about making the right decisions at the right time. May be that one was not meant for you, he or she was yours but you were not them. Sometimes letting go someone would teach you the best decisions wid best experiences in life. It gives you the lesson –“forever don’t exits”!!
But what about your promises??
What about the person whom you gave much importance and lastly of all, what about the “forever mine” clause?
If You say someone is mine forever, why won’t you let go that person. Why won’t you just stick to your decision of” forever mine” and be with them always. Cz life is short, so be with someone who you want to be. Yeah, I do agree nothing lasts forever, but that doesn’t mean to let go the special ones from your life if they want to. Why don’t you try so that they can stay in your life forever. Try at least once, so that u won’t regret latter. I agree that there is nothing like the word “forever” not even we humans on this earth. But one thing that is going to be last forever in your heart are the memories, the good times that you spend. So the memories are going to be last forever in your heart.!!
All I could is that “forevers exists or don’t exists “ totally depends on you. If you want to make something or someone forever in your life, don’t let go them easily so try . If not, just let them go coz they were never meant for you forever if they don’t came back. But don’t ever regret on your decision of giving so much importance to someone coz love can never be wrong , it’s the person who don’t understand your love for them.
Dear readers, do these “forevers “ exists in your life ?? If yes, do let them know and be wid them. If “forever types”don’t exists, be happy then coz nothing is meant to be forever in life!!

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