Sunday 22 March 2015

Things That Remain Unsaid.......

"Hey Riya,reply me yrr" texted Rohit at 10:30 p.m

Riya and Rohit were best friends since from the school days.Rohit was the type of guy which Riya never liked but still Rohit was her best friend n even she didn't know the reason why she was attracted towards Rohit- why he was her best friend?/?

May be thats why it is said "opposite attracts"!! 

"what do u want to know Rohit"???texted Riya at about 11:15 p.m

Rohit replied"Do u lyk like me  or do u have some feelings for me"??

After waiting for at least 15 minutes Riya texted"yeah, of course i lyk a friend....:)..:)"

On the other side Rohit was eagerly waiting for her answer n he has just seen her message.Rohit thinks that why girls can't be just straight forward why girls cant give a simple answer to such a simple question.They are responsible on their own  for creating dilemma for themselves!!!Today Rohit believed that what he has always heard is true about girls that God has created girls but even He is not able to understand what is going on in a girls mind!!!This is something true about girls.

"yrr, dont u girls give a simple answer to a simple question u stupid girl...." replied Rohit

"shut up ,means u boys are so simple n straight forward rt....n r u..??" replied Riya

"yeah, boys are born to be shut up before girls  !!!okkkhh.....u lyk me as a friend i know yrr...i was just kidding" texted Rohit

"hmm...thats gud :P...:P" Riya texted

"Hey Riya, she don't lyk me  yrr bt i like her a lot . she is so pretty n hot....!!!" another mesasge by Rohit to Riya

"oh come on yrr this is the 7th grl whom u are calling preety n hot n aweesme. Don't u get tired of doing flirting to such an extent i mean be serious now n focus on ur studies first" replied Riya

"hey miss serious i m not flirting dear m serious i lyk her. should i tell her that i lyk her n how pretty she is??" Rohit answered

"okkhhh then tell her n do whatever u want to do. why r u asking  me...??.i don't care about all these." Riya replied

"hey what hapened to u....?? i was jst kiddng yrr m nt at all serious bt yeah i lyk her thats all ,u know me Riya..."Rohit texted

" hmm...i know bt u knw i get jealous whenever u talk about your other girl friends ."i don't know why is it so but yes it happens !!May be i feel insecure that someone will take u away from me n i''ll loss my best friend" texted Riya

"oh miss senti r u mad.... why u get jealous u are n will alwz be my friend n noone can take ur place in my life"Rohit replied

"hmm....ofcourse i know as noone has the capacity like me to tolerate u....heheehe....!!Riya replied

"hehehehe......really.....n noone lyk me too to tolerate such a heartless girl lyl you."...:P..:P replied Rohit

"kk i have to go right now. will catch u later .byeeee n gd nt!!"Riya replied

"gd nt dear swt dreams n tc"texted Rohit

Riya then switched off her lappy , lying on her bed n was thnkng why she get jealous about other girls in Rohit's lyf. Why she get effected by those girls, why??was this  due to the insecurity that she'll loss her best ffriend or there was somethnig else. ??why Rohit was her best friend -coz he was the type of guy she never liked.was there somethning that remain unsaid...??? with all these questions in her mind she took a deep breath n then she realised that it was due to her insecurity of loosing her best friend and nothnig else as Rohit was the only friend to whom she can share anything n Rohit understands her very much.

But still there was something which Riya was not understanding she was not satisfied with....!! what was that she even didn't know n may be she was just ignoring these.but yeah there were certain things that remain unsaid.......!....!!

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