Saturday 21 March 2015


One day all of us will get separated and will remember our conversations on evrythning

n nothing.Days will pass into months,months into year n we'll remain in contact with

each other.Our children will ask"Who are these people in the photograph??"

we'll answer them with an invisible tears in our eye n say:"these are those people with whom i had the best memories of my lyf....."

Yeah, of course, I am talking about the friends n friendship-- the relation which we choose on our own.This blog is for all those people who believe that friends r the  best part of their lyf n have their best friends forever......!!!

Before talking about friendship, i would lyk to thank my bestiess in lyf without whom i would not be able to live in d heaven (or d hell )called hostel-not only in hostel bt lyf would be so boring without my bff-.thankss to them for always supporting me encouragng me n ofcourse for tolerating me.....(i m really irritating sometymes...).This blog is dedicated to all the persons who have their best friends forevr n hav the  best memories of their life.

Friendship -means different to differnt persons.but one thing that remains common in any friendship is d luv ,trust n ofcourse unlimited fun...mkng best memories that u cn hold it in ur heart forever.

Only in friendship u can share  almost everything - whether it be ur lnch box, pen, books n even the  answer sheets in exam or even u can share your bf n gf too...hhahahaa!!!.There are no secrets n no lies between friends.Or u can say all is fair in friendship.

In  summarised way only i can say is---

Yaaron dosti bdi hi hasin h 

ye n ho to kya phr bolo ye zindagi h!!!

so make friends go crazzy wid them live ur every moment wid ur bff qki 

"zindagi milegi n dobara dosto"

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