Tuesday 31 March 2015

Its All About Security...

This is something which most of the Indian Parents want for their children specially the girl child.Yeah, as the topic clarifies u i am talking about "security".Of course I do agree that security and safety is important and what our parents think is absolutely right. But what is really wrong in it is their over security for their children n specially for their daughter.

We  have heard that "Excess of everything is bad". Exactly this happens with over security.  If we have to live in excess security we would definitely be highly affected with it n just hate even the word "security".

What would happen if this security would make your lyf full of rules n restrictions??

Let us talk about some common thingsthat happen wid most of us usually in the name of security-

1. IF u r a girl and u jst want to take admision in Delhi, or wants to do intership there n suppose ur friens hv planned a trip to Delhi. How much of the Indian parents would agree wid this???
would they simply agree n permit u to roam to Delhi.??

The answer would be "NO"

Ofcoure, its the mindset of mostly parents that Delhi is not safe for girls(specially after the famous nirbhaya case)and girls should not go there for any purpose whether it be for your internship, for your college trip n even for your jobs. you just stay away from Delhi.

Is this fair for girls?? Is this we call Security??

just because most rape cases occur in Delhi it means girls should not go there.


If we are not secure in the country's capital., then i don't think so that anywhere we will be secure. This is not we call security that is we would not go to Delhi or somewheere else where our parents don't allow us then we 'll be secure. this is called restrictions n not security.

So Dear parents allow your daughters to roam anywhere they want as by doing this your daughters will become strong, confident n face the realities of the world.Don't stop them in the name of over security coz security is what we take in our own hands.

2.what would happen if ur parents wants you to study in girls cllg (or school) because u'll be more secure there??

The answer would be that ur  life become full of rules n restrictions. Yeah no doubt u''ll be secure there a lot no matter how many incidents occur everyday but still a girls college or school is the best place where u could be secure as compared to a co-ed college or school!!!

It doesn't matter your rights are violated(by following the rules that violate ur rights)  or  your lyf become frustrated (as u wont be able to enjoy without boys in ur cllg hehehe!!) n not because of boys only but because of too much restrictions in the name of providing security for you but yeah u''ll be secure here and ur parents would be satisfied with it coz all they need the most is theso called"security" for u.

3.What would u do when your life is full of security??

Obviously if someone is everytime stopped or restrains in the name of security n rules , he or she would definitely think that nothing in their lyf has  remain except security. what would he or she do with this security??

IF someone has doesn't see freedom, if they don't have the freedom of their choices, definitely that person would hate so much of security in lyf n even hate the word " security".

This is what the consequences would be if we live in a world of "excess security"

All in one I can summarise it is -

Dear parents, we respect you and luv u a lot . We know that you care for us n so you believe in our security.We do respect your feelings n even we need security in today's lyf .But what we want to say is that yes securty is good but yeah ,excess security, the over security is not good coz excess of everything is bad and  so with the consequences of security too.

No one is secure anywhere and  not even  secure in our homes.SO how can we expect for security in Delhi or other places if we are not getting security in our homes itself.???

So,Dear papa move on with your meaning of security n give us our freedom n believe in us coz we also want to face the world. For this all we need is the FREEDOM not the EXCESS SECURITY.

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