Sunday 12 April 2015

Because I Luv You...

Prachi had came there only to saw Parth one last time n to hug him lyk never before.Parth was going to the famous "OXFORD UNIVERSITY"  to fulfill his dreams.After 2 years of hard work, he had finally got this opportunity. Both Parth and Prachi met 2 yrs ago in a coaching institute n till then they were like best friends.Parth considered Prachi only his best friend n shared almost everything about his lyf to Prachi. Parth was also Prachi's best friend but even she didn't know when n how her feelings for Parth developed, not like a friend. She really felt for Parth. She had never told him about this coz she feared if Parth wouldn't understand her feelings n if he leave her then...???. 

Parth was her secret love and she was happy with it.

At the airport,

She hugged Parth tightly like never before n with much difficulty, Prachi was hiding her tears.Shewished the  moment would stop there n she won't have to leave Parth. Hugging Parth ,Prachi was remembering the song which said lyk "lg ja gale ki phr ye hasin sham ho n ho, sayad phr is janam m mulaqat ho n ho...".

Now she understood why the songs were lyk this....!!!

The final announcement was made n this tym Parth had to leave from there, to leave Prachi , to leave Delhi n to leave his family too.He was becoming emotional leaving all these.But he had to leave all these to fullfill his dreams, his ambition for which he had waited for the last 2 years.

"Byee Prachi, tc n study hard n i know u''ll miss me...:p..:P...hehhehe."...!!! said Parth

Listeng this Prachi burst into tears n hugging him she replied "i''ll really miss u Parth evry moment spnt wid u were jst special n u r spceial in ur own"

Parth said "acha itta spcl hu mai...:P...:P...."

Finally, parth had to leave and he was leaving.He said last good byee to everyone at the airport n then vanished from there

In the home-

Prachi was lying on her bed doing nothing. she was thinking that  if she would have told Parth about her feelings for him, would Part still leave her....???

Would Parth too luv her or treat her as a friend only.??

Prachi was thinking about the days when she believed  that she was not made for luv. she didn't believe in luv.Yeah, before meeting Parth, she was like this. She was the type of girl, for whom, her family her career was the most important n one should not leave her family, her ambitious for the so called luv. For  her, love was such a waste of time.

But as it is said "to understand something you have to experience it"

   Likewise,Prachi had experienced luv , she had experinced that being in luv is a special feeling n luv is the most beautiful feeling in the world. Parth had always made her feel special, everytime whenever she was with Parth she felt so special.She wished the moment would stop there.NO one had made her feel special like Parth.

She was in luv with Parthand was happy to be in love....

She could have stopped Parth at the aiport by any reasons if she wanted but she didn't .
Because all she wanted is his happiness and his happiness was in going abroad ,studying in his dream university and she was happy with that.

Thinking all these , a mesage from Parth came "hii reached london airport but missng u yrr"

His message made her day and she texted"great n don't miss me am alwz there for u....n focus on studies"

Prachi believed that somethings in life should be made secret and they should not be revealed anyway.Its better to keep some feelings only to u!!

Truly, some love stories  are meant to be only one sided n they are incomplete.!!!

But what makes them complete is the feelings and emotions of that person!!

Like  Prachi's love story was one sided but her feelings for Parth,  her sacrifice make her story complete.

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