Tuesday 5 May 2015


This is something which differs from person to person but hv a place in everones life.Yes you are right as the title signifies, i am talking about "EXPECTATION".
  Expectation has a different meaning for everybody.  Although I made introduction more than enough...wo khte hai n "sidhi bat no bkwas"so lets come to the point directly...lets talk about the word which I was thinking to tell you from past several days

There is a word EXPECTATION...every one is well known to this word. It is a very common word for every age group in today's life.
In reality if we see ...every day we all meet this word.Like if in the morning we sit for the breakfast and something comes on the table which you do not like you directly reject it just because the breakfast was not up to your expectations.

But do you think that how much the person would be disappointed who have made ur breakfast in the morning...??NO, we don't thinnk much but we should coz that person has an expectation that you would praise him for making breakfast for you.

Anyways lets have a look of other situations in life

When your parents drop you to school, provides you the best education and gives you all the possible facilities so that you can study well , you can live well and happy.Every parents in this world have their "Expectation" from you, from their child that one day their child would do such better things in life that the society will know ur parents by their name.Like wo sunte hai n hum "wo dkho DR.Anmol ke papa ja rhe h"

So basically here I just want my readers to focus on the point that "where there is an attachment, there is an expectation"

Lets come to the point what are our expectations from ourselves??

It would not be wrong to say that everyone of us have expectations with us.Like some of us wants that we should get good marks in exam, should get a good job and lastly a luxurious life according to our capacity and hard work.

But suppose if you are not up to your expectations then what'll you do?Because everyone is not so lucky that what they expect , they''ll get .

We should not be disappointed with ourselves because if you don't expect from yourself ,you can't expect it from others!!

 In every situation whether it be in good times or bad one,all of us expect or hope that at last everything would be fine and if it's not fine then clearly "its not the end"

Yes,sometimes you'll get disappointments,you''ll get rejections but that doesn't mean that you can't expect things from others.

I have heard that "the best possible way to be happy is to never expect anything from anyone"
 But I think its easy to say this but quiet hard to follow. Where the world exists, Expectations follows.

 All I know is that "Attachment leads to Expectations and sometimes expectations leads to disappointments"

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