Sunday 10 May 2015

"From Where To Define you"

, Yesterday was the "Mother's Day".Everyone was wishing her mother "happy mother's day".But one thing i don't understand that is it a fashion today to wish your mother on the social networking sites-on fb, watsup,twitter etc...I have seen yesterday my facebook page was full of mothes day wishes.May be many of us has not wished our mothers by calling her or by meeting her but yes how can we forget to wish her on facebook..coz it's a trend now.Today everything we do, we must upload it on facebook and so how can we miss to wish our mothers on fb and watsup??

Leaving this point and coming to the importance of "mother".

Mother, as heared is the world's best person and without them life isn't life. And we can't give a definition to them,even we can't predict from where we should start to define her because definitions are given to those who have a limited way. Mothers love, her affection, dedication, sacrifice can't be measured,can't be defined and thats why she is a MOTHER. yes, she is the only one who ''ll always be there for you in need and even if u dont need them still she is always with you.Since my childhood i have heard that mothers love is unconditional.Yes, i do agree even everyone agrees to it.
Our mother is the first person who welcome you to this world and gave you her gentle first touch.She is the only one who is always ready to hold you  tight at the slighest indication of a fall.she won't mind to make her own life bitter just to give yo a better life.Only she can forget her cute laughs to make you laugh till ur life.yes only she can give up her desires so that you can fulfill your desires in life.

Truly she is a mother...........!!!

This blog of mine is dedicated to my mother without whom i can't imagine my life and to every mother who has made uncountable sacrifices ,bear unlimited pain and has done almost everything to make our life a better one, to make us happy and to make us laugh.Truly life can't be life without you and a home can't be home without you. You are the "strongest pillar"and the "biggest source of inspiration" for us.I am happy that i am a reflection of your's and you are my mother!!

Happy Mother's Day..!!!

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