Tuesday 27 October 2015

Follow Your Dreams

I  had read the book of APJ Kalam 's"Wings Of Fire".I read that book,but never get deeper inside it. Or you can say at that time if I would have understand its meaning...it would be the response of the people that the girl is more intelligent than her age!!Seriously,our childhood is like this only.We are so innocent at that time that we even can't understand ourself.Its that time of our life when we feel everything around us is nice and happy....even the whole world is happy.Well, the intro is more than enough now....lets come to te point directly wo khte hai n......"sidhi bat no bakwas"

I was talking about the "Wings Of Fire"-a book that is all about a person's dreams and the difficult paths that he had to follow in his life. Well known about DR.Kalam-- a man of great determination and a true follower of his dreams.Talking about the word "dream" i remembered a great line said by him which was quoted like-

"Dreams are not which we see in our sleep, Dreams are those which won't make you sleep"!!

Dear readers, we all have our dreams in life .May be its different from each other.Like one may dreamt of a getting a good job, the other one may dreamt of becoming a doctor, a nurse , a teacher and so on.But how many of us become successful in fulfilling our dreams.If i am not wrong the answer would be a 40 out of 100 people.


To my point of view, its just all of us see dreams but a few of us "Follow our dreams". Following the path  ,no matter how hard it would be... will definitely lead you to your dreams.Many of us feel irritated at some point of life , that time just calm down yourself.Speak to yourself and make urself determined that these small or big hurdles in the life would not throw you out to follow the way you are going to achieve your dream.
Remember,the path to success is not easy.Better to follow the path than to quit in life because winners never quit. Be a winner in your life and follow your dreams.Never think that its too late to follow your dream because its good to be late than never. So,just follow your dreams, go through it. Make your life the best of the best and then you''ll realise that the hurdles in your life was to make you more and more strong and determined......!!!

I guess its enough for today and those who like  this little post of mine......thanku so much and those who don't.... no offence I"ll try that you would love my next post.Till then......good night and take care the lovely people!!!

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