Friday 4 December 2015

Marks: Does It Really Matters?

We all have crossed  that phase in life where we considered  the most important things in life were to achieve the highest marks.Yes, you are getting me right.This time, I am talking about our school life.That time of life which is considered to be the most memorable moments one can have in life.
At the school times, almost everyone of us used to fight with our friends just for the silly marks.Even the besties fought among themselves for obtaining the highest marks.Everyone did hard work just for being the topper of the class.That was the time when we only run towards marks.

I think marks will give you happiness for sure, but only for a few moment.The moment when you judge yourself how much knowledge you have or if someone from your family. relatives. friends asks you something about any topic,that time your marks are not going to help you at all.Its your knowlegde ,your experience and your communication skills that matters a lot and would help you  in satisfying others for the question they have asked you.

Dear friends, this time I am writing in short for the reason that i know you all are quite intelligent to understand what is more important in life-marks or knowledge??yes. I do agree obtain good marks but firstly obtain the knowledge ,If you have knowledge about your subjects, no one can beat you not even that silly marks.Remember someone has rightly said-
"A single sheet of paper can't decide your future"

Likewise, marks are an illusion ,no one is going to give you the best jobs in Mncs on the basis of your 12th boards marls. or the marks secured in your graduation until and unless you don't have the knowledge, communication and the convencing power.

 Take life easy make it knowledgeable and passionate.Life is not about the silly marks but  is more than that.Bunk few classes, spend your time with friends in college canteens, study hard and get knowledge.This time will never come in life.So enjoy to the fullest and don't don't go behind that "silly marks".Be passionate, Be a learner and not a book worm!!

Hope this blog of mine would help some of your friends who think marks are most important than anything else.Only one sentence for you people:

"Marks can be obtained by any means(the smart ones would understand what i mean to say)but knowledge can't be"!!

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