Monday 28 December 2015

Some lessons we learnt from the Year 2015

New Year is about to come.So its time to just look back for a once and emphasis on the lesson that this year taught us. Here are some of the lessons we  can learn from the year 2015-

1.  Life doesn't give a  second chance to everyone,  but Arvind kejriwal got that.

     The year 2015 was a lucky year for "Arvind kejriwal". BY his hard works, the AAP leader became  the chief minister of Delhi.His story is a great example of how people who deserve a second chance, get one. No matter how  hard the paths be.

    2.  Its your life and your choice.
   This year the famous Deepika Padukone's video "my choice" was a great example  of how     intelligent the  audience on social media is.The video , that spoke about women empowerment  was far  from it and it was criticized  because the audience didn't buy the message blindly.Remember, its your life and your choice to do what you want  and want you don't  . Everyone have their own choices. Just because this video featured a bollywood  superstar, doesn't mean you would follow it blindly.

3. Taxis are just a  click  away from us- the great use of technology

Gone are the days when we have to wait for some auto rickshaw or taxis. This year give us the technology to use the Uber and olla cabs . Thanks to them, we reach home  on time by just one click

4. 2015- The year of banning.

 Yeah,we live in a country where we are not even  free of our eating choices. This year we all heard about the famous  beef ban, maggi ban, meat ban .It questioned our eating choices and took away our favourite items from the market. It hurted alot of people when "hamari maggi" was banned. So this year  we saw all the twists and turns and I guess the year 2015 should be named as the "year of banning"

5. Think before you speak something in India ( specially when you are a superstar)

Recently the news channels covers the headlines - Intolerance debate. The statement which the famous Actor Aamir khan gave to the media became a national topic in just few minutes. SRK , Aamir were criticized for what they had said. Remember, If you utter a single word without thinking, even the stardom is not going to help you anyway.

6. If you have the passion, nothing can stop you from winning.

   Sundar Pichoi steals this year and makes it his own  by becoming the CEO of Google- the first Indian CEO. His life story became an inspiration to hundreds of people. No matter what your background is, from where you belong to , if you have the determination and passion , you can win the race. Remember "mehnat krne walo ki kbhi har nhi hoti"

 7. In India- rape a girl and proof yourself a minor
No one of us has forgotten the Delhi gang rape case. The rapists were prosecuted for what they did and one of them being a minor was released after 3 years spent in rehabilitation centre. The government gave him "sewing machine+Rs 10,000" in hope of his rehabilitation .Such an "incredible India". On one hand, you  talk about women empowerment, their safety,strict laws and the other side you release a rapist  because he is a minor. Shame on the Indian judiciary system. Such a shameful year 2015 . I have just one sentence for the Indian Government " if you can't make it, just leave it, because its not everyone's cup of tea". We girls can make us safe your stupid laws are not needed at all. Try to make the strict rape laws and implement it.

8. The nature is warning us to take actions regarding climate.

   In Chennai, heavy flood, rain destroys thousand of people . many became homeless, some lost their loved ones and a huge panic appeared in the minds of people. Another one was the incident of Nepal Earthquake. This year the nature was in its mood to destroy. It gives us a lesson that its the serious time when everyone of us hold hand together and make steps for the prevention  of  global warming and betterment of nature and economy.

9. Silence for those who thinks  Indian law is equal for all .
  Yes the famous Salman khan verdict proves it that in India "Your Money Your Rule"The Judiciary says that Salman was not found guilty because there were not "enough evidences". Such a shameful decision where one is set free of all charges because of his stardom and the so called not enough evidences found. this decision in 2015 proves you that "money can buy the judiciary"

So these topics are  enough to remind you what we have lost and gained in the year 2015. Lets promise that we would welcome the next year in a new way and would try to make it  better than 2015.

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