Saturday 2 January 2016

Happy New Year...!!!

She just wanted to give her children  the best new year than the previous year. She planned of buying some sweets and  a new dress for her daughter. Where the world was planning for the new year eve in  the way of throwing huge parties, enjoying to the fulliest and by eating the food that she would not have even heard of. She was happy in her own way of happiness. Because happiness is always a happiness, no matter how big or small it is. And when it comes to giving happiness to others,it is of no cost. All you want a big smile on the face of that person. In order to turn her plan into reality, she worked in the house of her neighbours, cleaning their utensils in the hope of making some earning. After all, money was the only option that could help converting her fantasy into reality. For these poor people-(who spend their nights on the footpaths)wearing a new dress, eating at MC Donalds, restaurants are just the fairy tales , that they only have heard of  but never have seen it.

By her earning , she was able to keep her promise of buying some sweets and a new dress for her children. Where we dreamt of high levels of enjoyment , her family was happy in just some sweets and few clothes. That's the irony of life!! She was happy to saw the sweet smile of her children and this new year, she fulfills her promise made to herself of putting a smile on her children's face.

Dear readers, just want to say that this new year, don't make any resolutions. Just bring happiness in the life of those people who couldn't even dreamt of eating in normal hotels, spend their nights on the dirty foothpaths and to all those who are not even able of earning their two times meals.Put a smile on their face, you would be happy to see them and that would  be the best new year for you.

Happy New Year to all of you!!!

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