Friday 8 January 2016

Dating a lawyer !!

This time lets talk about "love life and dating". Yeah, life is incomplete without these.  While most of us thinks lawyers are the "liers" and definately not the right choice for dating, but there's another more positive way to look at it.

Here are some of the nice reasons which proves  that dating a lawyer can indeed be an awesome idea .

1. Lawyers have the whole world scared of them.

Yeah,the whole world is scared of Lawyer, for lawyers know the reason how to use the law and prosecute someone for that in any situation.

   Isn't it the coolest reason to date a lawyer??

2 .Lawyers possess an incredible dressing sense.
   Dear friends, you can't find super hot looking personalities dressed in black coats and pants.    Seriously, thanks to the law schools and profession, lawyers have an incredible dressing sense.You would never see them in  t-shirts or jeans on a date.Their style of dressing is the perfect mixture of class and they look hot and sexy.

3. Lawyers can not be rejected by your parents if you tell them you wanna marry a lawyer.
  There's no reason why your parents won't allow you marrying a lawyer,certainly approve your choice. They know in the twisted world of today, lawyers can handle it well

 4 .Date a lawyer and stay away from any legal issue
  Thats so cool of dating a lawyer.  You won't have to pay for any legal issues for lawyers have all the solutions for you.

  Isn't it a good deal of dating a lawyer.??

5. Good lawyers have a great social circle, get ready to be a part of it.
    If you are dating a good lawyer, chances are for you to attend a huge social circles including elite    parties,open bars, you'll get intracted to some great judges and other personalities.

  Don't you want to be a part of such high class parties.??

6. Lawyers are good at arguing and a good negotiators, it won't be a problem for them to convence your parents for your hand.

 If someone would ask me about the best reason of dating a lawyer, it would because of this reason.

7.You would never get bored in your free time, if you are dating a lawyer
 Everybody knows that lawyers have a great argument power, great sense of humor . They love arguments and can discuss with you for an hour on any topic you want to discuss. Take a lawyer on a date, and you'll learn about the whole world in just an hour.

8.They have a sharp memory, and that's why they remember your b'day, even your friend's birthday too.

Seriously, they have a sharp memory as of their advocacy skills. You can't beat them in remembering anyone's birthday. Even they can remind of you your sisters , friends b'day too.

9. Lawyers are good mind readers too.

If yor are feeling low and in a bad mood, don't worry lawyer can read your face.They are pretty  good mind readers for the reason of their profession. Hence, they prove you that they are caring  and understanding too.

10. They are good listeners too, so they would understand your point of view.   
  Apart from good arguing power, they are very good listeners too. Remember, to be a good speaker ,you have to be a good listener.No matter how much argue they do in their professional life, when it comes to their personal life, they would listen to your point of view attentively.

11. No other guy will flirt with you, if  they know you are dating a lawyer.

Hahahaha, truly noone would dare to flirt with you or trouble yoy, if they know you are dating a lawyer. After all, no one want to get inside the jail.

  That's the biggest reason of dating a lawyer. If you are dating a lawyer, be proud of it and say:

        "Stay away, I am dating a Lawyer"!!

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