Monday 23 February 2015

"Perfect Daughter"

Standing on the terrace, looking at the stars with the cold wiinds blowing ,she was thinking of the days when she used to  spent most of her tym wid her family specially with her Father. In her childhood her father told her a number of stories n one of them was the story of a "PERFECT DAUGHTER".Till that time she promised herself  that nomatter whatever the situation is n would be, no matter anyone would support her father or not, but she'll alwayzs prove her to be a Perfect Daughter.

Thinking about these childish memories , she was crying badly. she has now understood that everyone have had a childhood in which we are free to do anything,n no one cares for that. But as you grow up, everything changes whether it be  your habits,your carefree attitude, and of course your relation and attachment with ur family. 

All these things are happening to her, dont know why???  As sge grow up, she only talks to her father as a formality. everyone in her family are so busy that no one wanna understand that what she wants in her life ,what are her desires ,what she wants to be.Everyone are just putting  their decisions on her. She has now realised that being a "perfect daughter" is not easy.

To  be a Perfect Daughter, u have to follow your family's rule whether you like it or not, to respect your father's decisions without asking any question , to choose the path which your father asks you to choose, no matter u want to move on that path or not. To choose that profession which your family wants n specially your father.omatter u wanna become a singer, a model or an actor, if your father wants u to do Law , medical or engineering in your lyf then you have to do it. yeah  no matter what is your passion in lyf or what u want to do.

Because  the definition of perfect daughter is set up by the society, by the family n of course by almost everyone because  to be a perfect daughter, u have to be perfect according to your family ,your parents n of course the so called society.!!!

She was doing all these , has followed all the rules , never disobeys her father's decision, and has done everything in which she was least interested  but her father was the most interested one. That's why she has opted to do medical - the profession which she hated the most . But still for her father , to fulfill her promise of being a" perfect daughter" throughout her life. she has decided to do medical just to fulfill her father's dream because  girls love their father the most in their life because 

 "A father is a daughter's first luv "!!!

She has promised herself that no matter how old she grow, how much she would  luv her husband but her dad will always be her king. And for a king, her princess can do anything, can let go her desires, her wishes n almost everything that her dad doesn't likes because all she wants in her life is to be a "Perfect Daughter"

But  don't the society ,the family thinks that Is this a criteria that to be a perfect daughter u have to follow all the rules, follow all the decisions, to let go one's passion in lyf. Just because if a daughter disobeys these things ,she can't be regarded a "perfect daughter".??

She wants to ask just one question to every parents n specially to every father that:

Everyone says that no one is perfect, everyone has some imperfections, but everyone is special in their own way. Everyone has their own choices, own desires n own decisions in lyf.

Then  Why a Girl , a Daughter has to be Perfect , why she has to proof herself to be a perfct daughter???why  parents wants their daughter to follow all the rules set up by themselves. Why she can't follow her path, n if she follows her path , why she has to  face sarcastic comments -everywhere from her family to the  so called society???

The questions are many  but what would be the answer to it, everyone have a different opinions.!!

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