Tuesday 3 February 2015


Lyf plays its own tricks n twists. It goes on, no matter what we have gain or loss... but one thing always remains with us-the fear of loosing something.....!!

Something that you luv more than your life , something that you never wanna loose
If I would be asked what i fear the most to loose-its obviously i never wanna loss my parents-my family. The fear of there death fears me the most...:(...:(

If someone is asked what is there biggest fear-the answer would  be quite different to different persons.

But what should we do to overcome our fear??

 Remember the simple rule -------accept the bitter truth of lyf that one who is born, has to die.. one who is born has to sacrifice...!!

One who is born has to loose something or everything someday, sometimes  .Life n Death both are d truths but noone wanna accept the bitter truth---------death.

Noone wanna accept that every coin has two sides.?So if life is a sweeter truth......Death is also the second face of it.....n its bitter to accept.

Lyf moves on its own will,  play games wid us.

Be ready to accept the bitterness of lyf....n struggle until u overcome your fear...!!!

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