Tuesday 3 February 2015


Again she was sitting in her room,trying to cry loudly lyk nvr bfr.bt she cn't.
Seeing outside the window thinking that why she cn't get what she wants .All she wnts is jst her freedom...freedom for her choices in life , freedom to choose her cllg ,freedom in every possible way she wants...,!!!

Why everytime she has to give explanation to others......??

Turning around the watch showing 10:40 pm...she felt to wrote it all in her diary.....n started writing.she wrote.......

"Today once again I  realised that girls are born to be dependent on others.... they dont deserve any freedom
..Why they are even not given chances of choosing things what she wants.??Why GOD has made girls??  And if HE has made girls, why people on earth make differences with them.??
Isn't she also deserves freedom like her brother n like the other male members of her family..??

Why she has to marry according to her family wishes..n  everytime why girls have to give explanations on every thing she wants to do..??
Is being a girl a curse...??

Ifn't why the family, society can't give freedom to girls..??
Why cant they respect their dreams ??

Writing all these in her diary, tears came into her eyes...:(
consoling her again that no matter if she cant get freedom ,if her dreams can't be fulfilled....she has to live anyway , has to fulfill her papa's dream ,live lyf in the way her family wants n moreover.... lyf is not perfect....n she has to satisfy her heart....n has to live live n live......!!

 She stopped crying, put her diary on the table..n went to sleep....with invisible tears in her heart
just in the hope of a new begging...and. a new sunshine..:)"

Isn't she deserves her own world where she can fulfill her dreams ,her passion n gets her freedom....??Is this the big thing that she wants..isn't it??

Isn't she can be regarded as a puppet with whom anyone can play..???

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